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Bankruptcy Do's and Don'ts


Please do the following things as you prepare for your consultation.

  • Locate your last 2 years of tax returns. If you have not filed for tax years that are past due, please take steps to prepare those returns as well.
  • Gather documentation of your income for the last 6 months (paystubs, etc.).
  • Obtain copies of the deeds and titles to property that you own.
  • Find your Social Security card or order a replacement card from the Social Security Administration.



There is a difference between what may seem fair to you and what the law says. Please consult with our office about your legal rights before you make any major decisions.

  • Don’t give away or sell any valuable property (cars, bank accounts, real estate).
  • Don’t repay money owed to family or friends.
  • Don’t continue to use your credit cards for purchases or balance transfers.
  • Don’t hide assets from us. We need to know what you have, so we can protect it.
  • Don’t take money out of your IRA or 401(k).
  • Don’t put your name on someone else’s bank account, car title, or deed.